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Forged Knives

Designed by professionals for your kitchen.

Swiss Diamond Forged Knives are manufactured with the highest quality German steel. Designed by professional chefs, the ergonomic handle and blade shape provides superior control and ease of use in the kitchen. This extensive range includes knives for all meal preparation from a carving knife, bread knife, paring knife and much more.

The XD Difference

Forged Knives have been fully engineered to be functional, comfortable, easy to use, hard wearing and long lasting. They offer a superior cutting edge and a handle design that is comfortable to hold and offers unsurpassed control.

Swiss Diamond Knives undergo an 8-stage process of grinding and sharpening making the cutting edge super sharp and easy to maintain. The knives are individually designed to suit each specific task in food preparation. Each knife is individually gift boxed and many combinations of knife block sets are available.

Our knives are made from 1.4116 German Steel. This very high quality steel delivers a blade with great flexibility as well as exceptional noncorrosive properties. The steel is ice hardened to achieve maximum blade strength, avoid staining, and ensures the knives will have a long lasting cutting edge.

Product Features

  • Ice Hardening is applied for maximum blade strength and no stain properties. This process also ensures that
    the knife will have a long lasting cutting edge. The ice hardening ensures that we achieve a high level HRC
    rating of HRC:57±2. HRC 57 is synonymous with high end Kitchen Knives. The Rockwell Hardness Scale was
    developed to test the Hardness of Metals and is very common to determine high end blades in Kitchen Knives.

  • Full Tang handle means we use the same piece of steel from the tip to the base of the handle in each knife.You can see this by looking at the top of the knife. This feature gives more stability and strength to the blade.


Made with high quality German Steel, the Swiss Diamond  Knives have the perfect balance delivering a blade that has great flexibility. All knives have a full tang; which includes the same piece of high quality steel from the tip to the base of the handle. Full tang handles give superior durability to our knives.


Our rounded blade spine gives you added protection while chopping. It features an end bolster which keeps the knife from slipping out of your hand. With incredible balance throughout, Knives give you increased functionality and greater control, enhancing your overall experience.


Each knife is individually gift boxed and different combinations of Knife Block sets are available.

  • German Steel is very high quality and will never rust. 1.4116 (X50CrMOV15 ) German Steel—High Class Steel
    Made in Germany is the proportion of carbon and chrome of this steel. It is in perfect balance delivering a
    blade that has good flexibility and exceptional non-corrosive properties. It can be sharpened to an extremely
    shape edge and will retain this edge during daily use. Consumer confidence in this material is very high.

  • Rounded Blade Spine handle is smooth and comfortable. It does not cut your hand while chopping and allows
    for superior blade control. This is very important when using the knife for long periods.

  • End Bolster keeps the knife from slipping out of your hand, giving you greater control.

  • Blade thickness: Small Handle Knives: 2.0mm, Large handle knives: 2.5mm.

Tips on Realigning and Sharpening your Knives

Swiss Diamond recommends you realign the knife blade weekly for optimal performance. Hold the honing steel in your non-dominant hand with your fingers behind the butt of the steel. Place the knife blade against the tip of the honing steel at an angle of approximately 20 degrees away from you. Start with the base of the knife and move the knife to the tip as you pull the knife down. Repeat on the front and the back of the steel to sharpen both sides of the blade. If you find your blade has dulled, we highly recommend bringing the knives to a professional knife sharpener.

  • Know your kitchen needs. This will help you decide which knife or knife sets you will need.

  • Check the blade. A full tang blade is considered to be the strongest

  • Check the handle: A resin handle is made for excellent durability

  • Consider who will be using the knives and what care will be taken when using a knife

  • Hold the knife in your hand to be sure it is comfortable

How to Buy a Knife

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