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Premium Steel

From the makers of Swiss Diamond® – revolutionary diamond reinforced nonstick cookware.

Introducing a new product line suitable for all cooktops, offering unparalleled value: Premium Steel. Beautifully crafted with 18/10 stainless steel, Premium Steel is ideal for busy kitchens and family cooking. Durable, high-quality construction for even heat distribution, with riveted handles for extra stability.

  • 1ply Stainless Steel production with an Impact Bonded Encapsulated Base.

  • Utilizes heavy gauge body thickness of 0.8mm which provides a sturdy cookware body. Premium Steel is using 18/10 Stainless Steel for the body, 18/0 Stainless Steel base plate, combination of Alloy Aluminium and Pure Aluminium inside encapsulation base.

  • All Saucepans and casseroles have capacity markings inside, which make cooking soups and stocks much easier.

  • Designed for use on all cooktops and can easily be transferred to the oven, as well as lids.

  • Most products include a heat tempered, sturdy glass lid. All of the handles are ergonomically designed to stay cool. The Sauté pans, Woks, and 20x12cm Saucepan have a helper handle for additional ease. All products have a 5mm Impact Bonded Encapsulated Base

  • Premium Steel has a 3qtr Satin Exterior with a High Polish top quarter to give it a modern look and and easy clean exterior.

  • The range is 100% produced in China, under strict quality control conditions to ensure that the product is at a premium level.

Premium Steel Cookware

  • All long handles and side handles are cast stainless steel.

  • They have been economically designed for a perfect and comfortable

  • The Long Handles are hollow cast and have a specially designed V to allow heat to pass through without heating the handle. All handles are riveted for that secure feeling.

  • Premium Steel lids are Heat tempered glass oven safe

  • They feature a Stainless Steel cast “arch “ style handle for ease of lifting on and off the

  • cooking vessel.

  • They feature a single steam release valve to ensure that the lids will not bounce and rattle during cooking.

  • The Premium Steel Range - although it is a 1ply construction, the quality level is very good. The materials used and the impacted bonded base, make the product premium.

Product Features

Encapsulated vs. Impact Bonded

This cookware is produced with the body being stamped from a single sheet of Stainless Steel, an induction base plate, and an aluminium core. The 18/10 body of the pan, aluminium core and 18/0 base are heated to a high temperature. All components are then impacted together at great force (between 16-20,000 tonne) to ensure all three layers are fused together as one. Bonded encapsulated base technology is used to ensure that the core is spread evenly through the Encapsulation. A high force of 16-20,000 tons is used during the production, which results in a permanent bond of the base and for to the cookware body.

The Greatest Benefit....

of impact bonded over encapsulated is the evenness of the core.

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